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Big Dave

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Scardinius erythrophthalmus

That's the Latin name. Sorry but I don't know what it is called in English. It is a member of the carp family.

I used to catch them in Holland when I was a kid.

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How big was it? My daughter had something similar on in the Erie canal but lost it before we could pull it out to get a closer look. That one was maybe 10"

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I caught one (Conesus) last year fishing for Gills. It looked like a golden shiner on steroids. I asked the fisheries for id help because I knew it wasn't a carp and I couldn't imagine a 2lb shiner (?). There response was Rudd and gave me a website for State agency in the midwest where they explained the background. I don't have that info anymore but basically it is identical to the golden shiner except for something like 17 (golden) 18 (rud) dorsal spines (numbers may be wrong). Invasive yes, but the reason they were put here is probably by bait fisherman. There slang name is Alabama Shiner. They are suppose to be plant eaters, but I caught mine on a beatle spin which reminds me - I watched an episode of Monsterfish where in NewZealand they stocked a fish that ate nuts in the Amazon and now it is a predator in its new ecosystem. I found it interesting because when it bit flesh it looked like a humans bite mark. To my knowledge, the DEC hasn't said to euthenize them (Rudd), but from now on, I will be giving them the goby treatment.


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