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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Lilboat / Cruzcontroll




Date(s): April 21

Time on Water: 7-9

Weather/Temp: Snotty, Windy, Rainy and at least 40 degrees below yesterday

Wind Speed/Direction: NW to NE

Waves: Washing Machine 3's

Surface Temp: 55 harbor; 47 on top in 50 FOW

Location: Oswego





Total Hits: 5 or 6

Total Boated:3

Species Breakdown:King, Brown, Laker

Hot Lure: NBK

Trolling Speed:2-2.3

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 30-50

Lure Depth: 15-30



Got to go out on Cruzcontroll with RJ and Jim.

Trolled out of the harbor to 50FOW without a hit and went east about mile.

Made a turn back to the west and had 3 hits in a row.

No one home on the first hit but landed the next 2 (Brown and Laker) as a double on both riggers.

The copper went next about 20min later and RJ landed our first spring KING. :clap:

We continued to troll back to the calmer confines of the harbor and the copper took a quick shot near the lighthouse but that was it. It was nice to get out, get some nice fish but also nice to get warm, some breakfast and calm.

Hope to get out again when we can play longer with all the nice fish around.

Tight lines.



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