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18 hp Johnson Seahorse. I think it’s a 1968 but it starts like a charm and purrs like a kitten. They don’t make em like they used to! The only reason I’m selling it is that I bought a 9.9hp so I can fish Hemlock lake.

Comes with spare propelor, fuel lines and 6 gallon gas tank. $350 OBO

andre 319 6570


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That is a 1961 and you will need to run it on 1:24 mix. It still has bushings instead of needle bearings. They are very powerful and dependable engines.

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Hey Rolmops! Do I have to run my 1964 at 24:1. I've been running 50:1 for 12 yrs but it doesn't make it right.

According to a bulletin sent out by Evinrude in 1964, every engine built from 1963 on has needle bearings and can be run run with a 1:50 mix. That is, if you use TCW-3 two stroke oil.

Any Evinrude/Johnson engine up to 5.5 horse had bushings until 1978 and those engines must be run with a 1:24 mix.

Hope this helps.

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