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Cayuga 4-26

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Went out of Treman for a short morning trip, found some colored water on the E shore. Landed a few good LL's on various baits.

Took a good rip on a spoon down 20 on a DR, when setting the hook fish was gone, but hook penetrated and removed Lamprey, this is what we brought in:


Many fish with multiple Lampreys on them. We started sliding fish into the splashwell so the eels would stay on. Killed 5 eels, all fish returned.

Water level in the inlet is OK, mostly 6 Ft. throughout now. Careful of mud bar just past the docks, Approx 2 Ft. deep there.

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We have been getting plenty of fish with those buggers on there. Only a few are the big boys. Other than that, all are 3-5 inches. Most popular fish with them are the browns over here. Some of the bigger salmon have one or two. the one day we pulled three off a brown. Luckily, they were freshly attached. KILL'EM ALL!!!

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