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fishing line? which one is better

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so meny brands of fishing line out there and so meny types in each brand how do u decide. 30 years ive been realy faithful to stren for all my fishing line needs. from pan fishing as a kid to playing on the big pond now. its what i could afford and its always held up well for its price.

however i have learned over the years that there are better fishing lines. ones that stretch better, casts better, hold almost no memory, Fluorocarbon and so on.

im looking to move forward in my equpment and im looking for some input

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Ya there are a hell of a lot of lines out there.

And you will get more different opinons as there are line types. LOL

In order to keep costs in check and preserve my marriage I find something that works and just stick with it. Period.

For Browns I spool my reels up with 20 lb flea flicker and load a couple hundred feet of Stren flourocarbon on top.

I find with the floro I can get away with a heavier lb test and still catch fish even in shallow gin clear water.

With mono I used to run 6 lb and 4 was better.

Now I can run 8 and 10 lb test and still get the bigger fish to bite.

In the east end we are sometimes fishing Browns right through till July before the salmon show up.

As the fleas show up I shorten my floro leaders to about 15 ft and the flea flicker keeps me fishing even in horrible flea infested water.

Any longer on the leader and you will get fleas loaded up on the horizontal line.

Salmon with attractors I run 30 and 40 pound Ande and I run it straight to the attractor.

I also have a couple reels spooled with 30 lb flea flicker with 30 lb Ande to the attractor.

Again this keep me fishing instead of clearing fleas off the line every 30 minutes or so.

Some guys have problems running the 30 lb flea flicker and hate it, I don't.

Spoons and plugs for Salmon. 30 lb Ande to 20 ft of 20 lb test Stren floro.

Good luck in your choices.


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ty much.

My pleasure CC.

Just in case you decide to go with the Flea Flicker, it is pricey but I get two or three seasons out of a reel full so the cost is justified when evrything is said and done.

Good luck.

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