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Gel Coat Repair


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Hi, new to the sight and jsut saw this so I'm not not sure if you already fixed your boat. But I dinged mine and found a place that match my gel coat perfectly to the year, make. color and model of the boat. They sell small repair kits. All you go is mix in some hardener in with gel. Mix it and then apply it to the area your repairing. I have some experience repairing my canoe over the years, so it was not to hard. Mine was above the water lien and you cant see the repair area so with yours below .. should be easy.

Spectrum Color Auburn, WA. 1-800-253-1366

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Another option is to use Marine Tex which is basically an epoxy type of WATERPROOF sealant / adhesive that hardens. You work with it basically the same way you would work with bondo, but this stuff is made specifically for marine applications. It comes in both white and gray, available at West Marine, Boat US etc.

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