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Beads in front of spoons?


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I know for other types of fishing it's used for an attractor. Ie bait fish chasing food. But like rabbit said weed catcher to although I use them alittle farther up the line when weeds are bad.

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As mentioned above, I use them as a stop for the cheater. Without it, sometimes the clip on the cheater will slide over the mainline swivel and deform it or open it. Also, if you want, you can reel it up to the rod tip for storage without the swivel passing through the end guide.

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Effective to prevent slider swivel from cutting the knot tied on main-line lure. A fish on the slider slides down to the main lure during the fight and if that knot is cut you lose everything.

I have been doing this for years , thinking I was the only one doing it ...........like I was on the cutting edge ,,,,,,should have known better

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