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Sodus 4/29/12 report

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Your Name / Boat Name: COntinuity/Fish Doctor

Date(s): 4/29/12

Time on Water: 6:30-10

Weather/Temp: CCCCCCCCCCCOLD and windy

Wind Speed/Direction: 10-15 NW

Waves: 1-2 building to 3+

Location: from the channel to Lake Bluff




Total Hits: 7

Total Boated:7

Species Breakdown: 2 kings, 1 atlantic (27") and the remainder lakers

Hot Lure: small glow stingers and a mag dirt white boy

Trolling Speed: all over the darn place, I tried to keep it at 2

Boat Depth: 50-80

Lure Depth: 30-60 down, dipsey at 90, 10 color core

Another decent day out of Sodus today. We had to work for them WAAAAAAY harder today. They were in the same general area, but there were less kings around sadly. We did manage 2 kings (1 pushing 18 lbs) and and atlantic to go with our lakers. The fish were east, but I didnt dare go too far with the building seas. By 10 I had had enough and we packed it in.

The wave report was way off.... those were not 1-2s out there. The 30 something degree 15 MPH NW wind didnt help either. Sounds like the shark population is moving east, with the waves...


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