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Fishing Report

Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar:




Date(s): 4-28

Time on Water: 2:30 - 7:30 P<

Weather/Temp: Sunny/Cool

Wind Speed/Direction: WNW <5

Waves: <1

Surface Temp: 45

Location: West of Point Breeze





Total Hits: +/-20

Total Boated: 18

Species Breakdown: 8- Kings, 2 - Coho - 8 - Lakers

Hot Lure: MOONSHINE Ratchet Jaw

Trolling Speed: GPS 2.7

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 60-90

Lure Depth: 45-65




Local clients were scheduled to fish the morning, but the kid's baseball game from Monday was postponed to Saturday Morning. I suggested adjusting the fishing schedule to the afternoon. The clients were worried about missing the "HOT" action of the morning, I told them not to worry, the action would be hot all day!! And it was......... the crew arrived just after 2 pm and we motored out to 50 fow and began a west troll. Committed to run only Moonshine spoons and Flies I began setting out the favorites as well as one of the new RV series spoon. My helper snuck a frog lure from one of the other Captains. The Ratchet Jaw on the 200' copper drew first blood with dandy 20+ King. The next couple fish would bite the Frog and I began to question my loyalty to the MOONSHINES just when the other five rods fired in quick succession netting us a pair of lakers, a coho and a pair of kings. Nonetheless, I searched my tackle box at the end of the night to find a frog like Moonshine and found one that Ed and I thought might work, we just needed to wait for the morning.

Hottest lures were the Ratchet Jaw on the 200' (44' down) and 65' and the R&R frog at 55, other moonshines taking fish: Bad Toad, Silver Anchovey, Red Tiger, RV Crab face.


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