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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar





Time on Water: 6:30 - 9:30

Weather/Temp: Sunny/cold

Wind Speed/Direction: NW 10

Waves: 2'

Surface Temp: 46

Location: West of Point Breeze





Total Hits: 10

Total Boated: 9

Species Breakdown: Kings 8, Lakers 1

Hot Lure: Moonshine Ratchet Jaw

Trolling Speed: 2.8

Down Speed: 2.8

Boat Depth: 70 - 110

Lure Depth: 38-65'




Took my friends, Tom (Fishinman), Shawn (FX), Ed (Bite Me) and Jack for a few hours of fishing before Church. We had a great morning if you ever get a chance to take a chef fishing you should as he (Tom) was in charge of the food. Sort of hard to describe -- Filet Mignon, egg, sharp swiss, horseradish sauce on a ciabatta bread roll!! Gourmet brownies, truffles (for Shawn) and cinnamon rolls!!

We we set up on a west troll and first rod to fire was 200' copper -- but we missed it

The next one hit the same rod and after a long run and short chase we slipped the net around this monster that pulled the boat scale to 30#.

The action continued as the MOONSHINE Leopard I taped up last night to look like a frog began heat up down 45 and the Ratchet Jaw on the 58' rigger also began to contribute to the fun added a king on a V-neck and blue smoothie fly behind a white flasher 160' on a dipsy and we were out of time and had to head for the dock.



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You are perceptive -- I did tell a little fib about Tom, but not about the laker!!

Let me guess, He came with egg Mcmuffins and hash brown patties from WORK not the gourmet food mentioned? :lol::D:):rofl::P

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All right I'll come clean on one thing that's not really true about the day and Carl's report.....I dropped the ball by making nothing to eat :$;(:o

I was whooped from work the night before didn't get home until after midnight and in bed at 12:30 but had to be up at 4:30 so I could pick up Shawn and make it to the dock by 6am. Hey Shawn and I stopped at the gas station and he bought a box of the assorted dough nuts :lol:

As far as the laker goes not a chance I was touching that rod. I never even went to the back of the boat until after the fish was released and the floor was washed down :clap: I actually turned down another chance at a fish later because I watched it hit and thought it was a laker again (teenage king) :@ and didn't want to chance it :rofl: The reason Shawn got that king was because none of us including him wanted to touch the copper :o:lol: our loss and his gain but he did a great job with some help from Carl in turning the boat a bit cause that bad boy was ripping the backing off like Brian putting rods down when he's into the lakers ;)

Here's the three Moonshines we were using today that caught fish from top to bottom:

Ratchet Jaw, V-Neck and the Leopard that Carl actually put a strip of green tape on this but either came off during the fight or he needs stickier tape


One other thing to say about those spoons, that king that Shawn caught devoured that jaw and bent the tail of it almost to a 90 degree angle :o Carl straightened it with his foot :D and put it back down and it still caught fish :o:clap:

Thanks again to Carl for the invite and it was nice to meet both Ed (bobber down aka the pen feeder :lol: ) and Jack

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Well, the venison jerky and doughnuts didn't quite make up for the gourmet breakfast we all had hoped for, but fishing with some great guys and catching some nice fish sure did. Just wish Tom could have gotten the laker rod! :rofl:

Tom was nice enough to stop at Captains Cove afterwards so I could add to my Moonshine collection and he proceeds to tell me he isn't going tobuy anything :D Of course that didn't happen :lol:


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he proceeds to tell me he isn't going tobuy anything :D Of course that didn't happen :lol:


Your fault :lol: I saw that Moonshine named Sand Burr ( Burr is Shawns last name) and for some reason you weren't buying any. Maybe that bag full of stuff you already had :o had something to do with it, so I had to step up to the plate and get you one (and me one too) since you have done that for me in the past :yes:

I had told Carl if he wanted a breakfast sandwich to take a piece of the jerky and put it between 2 of the dough nuts :lol::puke:

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it was pleasure to meet all these guys and help out capt carl...had some good laughs,lots of stores,and lots of fish.....what more could you ask for.....hope to do it again.....thanks

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