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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Doc-tur-wiz





Time on Water: 7a-1130

Weather/Temp: sunny. 30s-45

Wind Speed/Direction: Nw 10-20

Waves: 2s then 3s and 4s

Surface Temp: 46

Location: front





Total Hits: 20+

Total Boated: 18

Species Breakdown: 1 lkr. 2 stlhd., REST KINGS

Hot Lure: SPOONS. Dolphin, carbon 14, ss waddler

Trolling Speed: 2.1

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 50-100

Lure Depth: 30-55




Great morning on lake o outta fhaven. Headed north to 40ft after seeing all the promising salmon reports all over the south shore. Hit 65ffow. 1st king hit down 40ft on a carbon 14 . And it was non stop for the next 2 hrs. Few doubles and a triple. A few teenagers in the mix. But a great morning. Mostly a rigger bite but a few shots on dipsies out 100-130. All spoons for us. Quit around 1130 . Lake was getting grumpy. But 4 man crew was happy. Get out here to enjoy this great spring fishery we have. TIGHT LINES.and good luck


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Great morning fishing aboard Doc-tur-wiz!

Interesting fact was for these spring kings in Fair Haven, over 2/3 of the Kings were NOT FIN CLIPPED!

These are the good old days and the good new days. :clap:

Lets go fishing.

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