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Fly stock leader? trash or cash..


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You want to use heavy leader material no matter what brand you choose. The heavy stiffer line will give the fly the action you want off the attractors. All fly manufacturers want you to do well with there flys so you will buy more and the leaders that come with the flys are just fine.


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I tie a loop in the fly leader and leave it like that. On Spin Dr.'s you'll want to add a heavy cross lock snap to the swivel on the back so you can swap them out easily. Pro-Chips come with the snap on them already so you'll be all set with those. No need to re-tie every time you change fly's.


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I found some nice size 3 stainless 120# cross locks at B & E. The smaller end fit's just right on the spin doctor's swivel and I left the larger, easier to operate end, for swapping flies.

They are like these, but they are not Berkley's...

Cross Locks

I have a boatload of new ATOMMIK flies I need to start tying off.

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