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Everyone ready fpr the opening?


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Where are you going to setup shop Friday night?

I will be on Chautauqua trolling around happy to be out.

I am soo excited, havent slept well all week. I feel like I did when i was a youngster waiting for the 1st little game of the year.

Everything seems to be going well: Boat floats, motor running great since i found a NON-Eth supply that doesnt cost a fortune, picked up a bunch of new sticks, rods, reels, etc...Picked up a pair of group 31 batteries to run the electric for a screaming deal ($60ea) (not optima but same ones I was paying $200 for before), wife is gonna leave me alone all weekend. She decided to stay home for the opener.

Just gotta wait another couple of days....this is killing me!


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Thanks Capt Larry,

That was the station I was refering to and I am psyched about it. He is about .50-.75 lower than the marinas.

For those in Buffalo area, Noco on Route 5 in Lackawana has 91 octane that is Eth-Free too. Since I work just down the road I can either fill up my tanks there or pick it up at Crouch's if I dont work that day.

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I will swing by Crouch's this Thursday and put 105 gallons in the truck bed tank,60 gallons in the boat and another 15 to 20 gallons in the regular truck tank.About $750,but would cost me about $100 more at the marina's!

Fishing is getting expensive!

Capt. Larry

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Geez Capt Larry, Maybe you should invest in a refinery...might actualy be cheaper, lol.

tcon, I am sure you wont be missing much. There arent any walleye in Conesus anyways =).

fly, forecast for friday has winds out of the west from 10-15mph, if that influences your decision. Rather everyone is safe than be selfish and have Chautauqua for myself.

...cant wait cant wait...


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