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Need some help with fishing out of Oswego with 2 teenagers

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Good Afternoon,I'm planning on take my oldest Grandson and a family friend up to Oswego tomorrow and I'm looking for help on where the lads might be able to land a fish or two. I plan to head East and set up in 30'-50' of water. We will be running 6 rods off riggers and planner boards using spoons & plugs.The young man going with me is a marine waiting for travel orders & I'd like to send him off with a good fish tomorrow. Gary


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Can't help you much as I haven't been up in three weeks.

At that time there were Browns from 10 fow to 50 and a few Salmon from 40 - 70 fow from Oswego to the plant.

Sorry best I can do.

Good luck getting the young guys and future warriors on some fish.


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Run stickbaits off your planer boards back 100-150 feet, and spoons of choice on the riggers..40-75 feet back. troll east of harbor in 10-20 f.o.w and you should do well on the brown trout all the way down and beyond 4 mile point! Thin fins, rapallas and smith wicks have been good, in firetiger, black/silver, and anything with an orange belly. spoons have been..michigan stingers in uv green alewive, nuclear green, green wiggler...the old honeybee stingers in chartreuse/green, chartreuse/orange..as well as assorted sutton 44's and small evil eyes...

After you are down at the point and sick of playing with the small browns...head out to 50-100 f.o.w put those riggers down to 22-35 feet and troll back to harbor AND HANG ON.. :lol: king salmon have been playing nice all the way thru there daily...stingray size michigan stingers in kevorkian, green wiggler, and dirty white boy, nk's old silver/green glo, and ss waddler, as well as wire dipsys set out 45-55 on #3 setting with spin doctors and atomik flies!

Have a great time with your family and good luck catching! :)

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