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King Me Rochester report 4/28 -4/29

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Well another great weekend on the water off rochester.

seems to be 2 patterns with the fishery out of the port of rochester.

1: cookie cutter browns thru browns to 10 lbs in the shallows (under 10') they have been going good with sticks 100-125' back with 1 large split shot. Black/silver in the green or clear water and black/gold in the mud. Black gold was smoking this past weekend.

2. next pattern is big browns (10 to 14lb range) and kings in alittle deeper water 15-40 foot range. They have been chewing black/silver sticks off the boards with 2 large split shots. Riggers 7-23' down with black/silver spoons and deep rigger with 6" spin doctor with either lemon/lime 2" coho fly, "king me" 2" fly or the "ufo" fly by ITO.

Have not gotten a mag spoon to fire yet. Super slims and 28's have been the ticket.

Few other interesting notes-

first we did a 13ish pound brown Sunday that had 4 adult gobies in it. These gobies measured 8" long!!!!!!!

next we have yet to boat a coho or steelhead....wondering where they are hiding?

good luck to all in the LOC alot off big browns and kings off rochester should see them on the leader board 8)

tight lines

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Thanks for the great advice! Its all the amazing people like you who make the guys like me with extreme rarity to even find a few hours to make it out there have a chance of a nice day! Not that emptying a cooler among friends during a nice boatride isnt fun... but finding something to fill said cooler back up makes us chomp to get out there another day!

Hope to see your names on the board next week guys! :beer:

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No chromers for us either yet.....I'm kind of stumped on that one too. However, the Cohos are at the bar, and I am sure you could load up on t hem there is you wanted to. We took 3 or 4 fishing kings Saturday on the top of the bar.

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