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Olcott 5/1 PM... A Virgin Experience

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Date(s): 5/1

Time on Water: 4:30 - 8:15

Weather/Temp: Overcast, mid 50's

Wind Speed/Direction: Light west, calm

Waves: Nil

Surface Temp: 46 ish




Total Hits: 24

Total Boated: 18

Species Breakdown: 14 lakers, 3 kings, 1 steelhead Hot Lure: Stinger Frog Trolling Speed: 2.0 - 2.3 Boat Depth: 55-70 Lure Depth: 35 and 45 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== I have been fishing the skinny water since St. Patty's day for browns with good success, just started fishing Lake Ontario last year along the shoreline. When I got out to the lake it was nice and calm. I fish out of a small 16 foot tiller and with the good reports and my two newly acquired clamp on riggers for the boat I decided to shoot out to 55 fow and see what was happening. Worst case scenario I slide back in for browns seeing that I never fished out a little deeper before and didn't know what to expect. I was fishing solo. Planned on sending down the two riggers and throwing out a stickbait on the surface to possibly pick up a Coho. The Third rod never made it in the water. I had non-stop action the whole evening, mostly lakers, one steelhead, and my first ever Lake Ontario Kings the biggest going 19 pounds .

Ran two stingers, one DWB and one Frog both took the fair share. What an incredible evening, well worth the hour drive to squeez a few hours of fishing in. Bunch of lakers in the 8-12 lb. range. the two other kings in the low teens.

First mate


Fat toad, almost thirteen pounds


They just kept coming


19 lb. king, a reel hoot on the 7 ft. med. Ugly Sitck with 12 lb. test


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When I first saw your thread title I thought to myself.......a virgin in Olcott? I have GOT to see this!!! ....oh well, welcome to the addiction and a great first trip out into deeper water. :yes::yes::beer::beer:

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Its all been said .....

How cool was that eh? Does yer gps show "tracks" ill bet it looked like the trail left by the kid on "Family Circus" a cartoon in the sunday funnies,with yer tiller stering...

wish i was sittin in the front of yer boat with a video camera..my guess you would be close to a million hits by now :lol: ....

Enjoy this year hard to belive after last year things would (could) get better...

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Yes the first mate does take good pictures, he's not camera shy. Gps track wasn't to bad, expect for the figure 8 I did with the big King, lol. Prob wouldn't get away with it with a walleye spread out but the short leads on the downriggers are very foregiving.

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