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25,000 Brown Trout for Lake Ontario

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Today at lunch I met 3 hatchery trucks loaded with 25,000 Brown Trout from the Salmon River Hatchery.

This is the 2nd batch of 25,000 browns that have been stocked in Monroe County. The first batch was stocked last week at the secondary stocking point which is the Irondequoint Bay outlet due to last week's lake and wave conditions. I-bay is the secondary site because there is the potential of more predation from comorans, and also alot of them get cut by people perch fishing there.

Todays fish were stocked at the primary spot, which is a privately owned access point, about a mile east of Hedges. Water conditions were great. The hatchery guys took the temp of the lake, and it was 50 degrees, same as on there truck. Nice healthy batch of fish, and they weighed 4-5 fish per pound, with some fish being over 10 inches.

And not a single cormoran in site!!! :yes:

I took some pictures to share. I'm sure there are some Rochester and Bear Creek guys that may recognize this spot.




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