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I`ve got my boat down on north drive-rebuilding it.She should be ready to go friday-blk lake bound.Not sure if i can even get it in the water on cranberry.The access points look rather shallow for me(16` deep V).That pond used to be loaded with stawberry bass(as my grandfather refered to them)and lots of pike.(i`m fixing up my grandfathers/uncles house)so i store my boat there.


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you can't no launch, there is a parking lot, northwest corner, the only one.. if you can carry your boat over some boulders

you are set to go.. do not park on the road.. ticket really not much room for a trailered boat in the lot.

most guys use car tops, what ever you can lift.. good luck

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thats what i thought..i wanted to go out there in my friends 16ft..guess thats not happening..but i have a canoe with a trolling motor.....so i can fish/launch pretty much anywhere :yes:

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