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Sandy 5/4 - Shakedown cruise

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Escape





Time on Water:6am


Wind Speed/Direction: west less than 10

Waves: 1'

Surface Temp: 47 degrees






Total Hits: 25

Total Boated:21

Species Breakdown: Lakers (lots of them) 3 coho, king and an atlantic

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.2

Boat Depth: 90 - 110

Lure Depth: surface to 75 down




Fished East of the creek and had a slow first hour. Slid out to 90 and the rods started to fire. First triple was 2 lakers and a BIG atlantic that came unbuttoned at the boat. Riggers at 35, 55 and 75, wire at 225, slide diver at 210 and boards with one oz of weight at 125 were the hot set ups. The lakers ran for 5 to 17 lbs. Around 11am we had a big rip on the slide diver and lost an acrobatic king after a 200' run.

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21 hits and 25 boated how does that work? lets see some pics next time.. reason I like to see the pics, I don't get out and I like to see the smile on the fishes face Lol u really get into 20+ landed... nice job... :)

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I love the Outer Banks. Miss the place too. Haven't been there in many years but used to go every year as well in October. Four wheeling and surf fishing at It's best. Stayed at Hatteras sands and the Frisco Woods camping on the sound.


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