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5/5/12 "The Opener"


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I went out of Barcenlona Harbor on Lake Erie at 10:00 pm Saturday night,headed down the lake around the rock piles to the 10 to 12 ft depths infront of DJ's Campground.Marked lots of bait fish,but only caught 3 eyes in 4 hours of trolling. Caught all 3 walleye by long lineing rapala's 120 back at 1.8 mph.Black & Silver S-13 Rapala's! Usually this time of the year we catch limits for two of us,either the super moon made it to bright out or a good number olf the walleye have moved out to 24 to 26ft depths already.

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Sorry for the delay on my report...busy with work and school.

Got out friday night about 2am. 5 minutes in landed a 22".

Did a few more passes then moved to deeper ledge - notta there

Moved up the Bemus area and got another 22".

Back on dock around 5:30am


didnt fish at all during day...was too dam tired

was tired and just did 4 passes in same area..Landed a 23" and a 16" (released for next year)

was back on dock at 10pm

The late start (friday)and full(ish) moon (fri/sat) made it tough...but still fun as hell.

I was trolling Thundersticks and color does matter =)


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