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Sandy 5/6 *** Daughter Placed in LOC*** Thanks Capt. Lou!!!

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: 15 Ft Boston Whaler




Date(s): 5/6

Time on Water: 6:30 am-9:30am

Weather/Temp: Sunny 60 degrees

Wind Speed/Direction: light wind

Waves: less than 1

Surface Temp: 47-49

Location: Sandy Creek - East





Total Hits: 11

Total Boated:10

Species Breakdown: BROWNS

Hot Lure: NK Get 'er Done!!!

Trolling Speed: 2.4

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 6-8ft

Lure Depth: surface to 5 Ft




First off I want to give a big thanks to Capt. Lou Borrelli of Get the Net Charters. Over the past year he has shown me how it's done out here and given me some great advice. Today was one of my best days on my own boat!!!!

Thanks Capt. Lou!!!

Started out at 6:30 my daughter said to turn right so we fished east.... set out the boards.... let the first line out and before I got it into the clip we hooked up and landed an 18" brown... set up the rest of the spread and the Get 'er Done took off like a rocket!!! My daughter grabbed the pole and at first she thought it was snagged, I checked it and gave it right back to her, took about 15 minutes for her to bring it in :muscle: . The damn fish barely fit in the net I had... I figured we had a decent fish maybe about 10 lbs.... picked through some smaller fish and hooked up and landed another decent sized brown, I was allowed to reel that one in!!!.... Then the tangle fish hit!! :headbang: hooked something it went left it went right it got all of our lines into a tangled mess and spit the hook when it was done screwing the spread up!!!... got all the spoons back, had to cut a bunch of line that knotted up :no::@ ... called it quits after that!!

Went to Mitchel's on Lake Ave to weigh the two fish we had, again I thought the first and biggest one my daughter caught was around 10lbs and the second one might have been about 8.... WRONG!!! The second one tipped the scale at 10lbs 1oz... My daughter's fish weighed in at 14lbs 8oz!!!!!!!!!!! :clap::yes::rofl::party::dance::rock::cash::cash::cash: ....

She won Top Fish of the Day prize!!!!! She is currently on top for Browns (i'll be surprised if it stays on top) and for now she is in 2nd for the Youth Division!!!!!

Today was definitely the greatest fishing experience I have ever had!!!! Here are some of the pictures from today!!!

Oh yeah bright colors seemed to work Today!!!!

Let's see what the rest of the week brings!!!

Lines Tight!!








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Thanks guys!!! She wants to go out everyday after school to try and top that one!!!

My wife isn't complaining either about all the fishing!!! Figures the B*&^%$ing stops when there is money to be won!! Maybe I'll tell there is a derby that runs all summer.......????? :lol:

Gambler- We wrapped it in a wet towel and stuck it in the freezer!!! Hoping that I don't have to thaw it out until Sunday!!!

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