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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar




Date(s): 5/5

Time on Water: 7am - 1pm

Weather/Temp: partly cloudy

Wind Speed/Direction: NE 10 - 15

Waves: 1-2'Surface Temp:

Location: West of Pt. Breeze





Total Hits: 20+

Total Boated: 13

Species Breakdown: 8 lakers, 3 coho, 1 king, 1 rainbow

Hot Lure: White echip/Moonshine Green Jeans fly

Trolling Speed: 1.9 - 3.0

Down Speed: 2.2 - 2.9

Boat Depth: 60-110

Lure Depth: TWC (Total Water Column)




Same crew that wanted the lakers last night, but today I wanted silver. Stayed off the lakers for the first 5 miles in the morning, but there were no fish around. The 3rd straight day of NE wind was doing us no favors!! Moved out and banged a few laker on the Ratchet Jaws and flasher set up above. Capt. Tim from Reel Awakening gave us a dipsy set up with the same flasher and that began to take lakers and a coho. Kept the red flasher/blue flys out on the boards and they added a few coho bites as well. A Moonshine Walleye Sherbert took the king on a slider and bow. Dropped a few other small silvers, didn't find any big kings.

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Hey Capt Carl great job on the laker's i was out there for 5 hours and we missed one release. We were using are setup that put two oak laker's on the board last year which did'nt stick but ya we got skunk'd on are shakedown. Good luck and take care.

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Carl, I'm headed from Oklahoma and then to Georgia. I'll see if I can load up 3400 cubic feet of south west wind for ya and turn it loose on the way by to Saratoga Springs. I promise not to bring any of those twisters though. I don't like those from what I've witnessed so far this spring.


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