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Congrats to JAX

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Congrats Jeremy. The ride with Tom in the AM was the reason the Am trip was full of laketrout. It took all day to shake his curse!



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Congrats Jeremy.

GREAT JOB and GREAT fish! Nothing builds confidence stronger than an event like Tue. for a new boat/set up. We were able to leave early for trip back to Sandy Creek after the AM trip because of a charter no-show in the afternoon. Very happy to hear the news that you crushed the Lake trout streak that was setting up into next years event.



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Thanks for the congrats Carl and everyone!

It was a good first tourny/event for me and my boat. The day was kind of a blur but my guys both am and pm had a great time. I set up in search mode right of front in 100 and had my first mate put the Raymarine AP on a NW we set up in 120 and worked that out to 140 through most the day. The fish seemed to be high but then we would take a good shot on a 300 diver so we spread our gear throughout the column with different sections of core, 4 divers, 3 riggers.

Alot of fish brought to the boat along with some dropped in the morning session with half a dozen kings to 14-15 lbs hitting

the deck and as many lakers as you wanted/didnt want ;)



For the afternoon trip we fished the same water as the morning except we stayed around our king waypoints, and it payed off with this girl taking a spoon off a 3 color core run off our otter boards towards the end of the day. I will never forget the sight of that fish showin up sharking off the corner and trying to get into my divers--and when it finally hit the deck --THUD!!!

The fish ended up weighing 26 lbs and won Team Villager Construction and I the Tightlines Overall Big fish award!

I want to thank all the Captains and their crews that participated and Warren Welch and his guys behind it- Great event and I look forward to next year!!




On a side note the brand New Traxtech downriggers performed flawlessly all day and came out looking amazing. The extra effort Jeff and his crew at Traxtech have put into these additions to my arsenal were well worth it! 8)

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