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Cayuga 5/9

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Fished Cayuga yesterday with a buddy of mine to get a shakedown in on his boat.

First let me start by saying I am not sure if I have ever seen the fog any thicker on Cayuga than yesterday - the first 30 mins was just plain spooky

We fished Myers to southend and back on the east shore going 9/13 with a mix of nice fish including Browns, LL, Lakers and a decent pike. Ran a mix of flat lines with Sticks and DRs with spoons - all baits took fish including F9 Hot Olive Rapala, #6 Flat Rap in a Shiner/shad pattern, A mid diver Thunderstick in fire tiger, Orange & White AC Shiner - all run on flat lines. Also #2 EvilEye in a ring arouind the rosey pattern took several nice fish 4 down 40 back off a rigger and a #31 Aplena in CHart/Orange took several LLs 8 down 40 back off the other rigger

Best concentration of fish seemed to be Portland to Salmon Creek - although we did take a double on the south troll just as we started by the cottages at the foot of Estys ( one fish was the pike)

All in all a decent day

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Fished 12 - 25 ft - had to stay close to shore early or you were totally on intruments to know where you were - it was really something - we did wander out into 100+ crossing the bay from myers to portland pt and did hook up on some fish while out there

We hit the real muddy stuff about half way between foot of estys and south end and turned back north at that point - with the wind yesterday it may have pushed it a bit more south

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