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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:k oz





Time on Water:8 hrs


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: alot Total Boated:18

Species Breakdown:10 coho, 6 kings, 1 steelie, 1 laker

Hot Lure: black n silver

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.2 - 2.5

Boat Depth: 50-240

Lure Depth:


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Fished from 630 - 430 with a break in between. We ran 5 rods 3 riggers from 55-80 and 2 dipseys mono at 250 and and 180. first fish a 7-8 lb. steelie on a blue silver nk. Then bill got a 17 lb. king on a green nk. from there it was coho city with a few med kings mixed in. Fish were all over the water column. The kings were deeper 75 plus. We fished from the red barn to somerset, from 50 to 240. it was a great day to be out. Did not mark much bait at all. We tried to fished high for steelies and low for lakers, picked up only laker in 57 ft of water off somerset on a dipsey. i learn something new everytime I'm out. i ran into alot of nice people. i can only say this - most people don't have the means to go and fish lake o or if they do they may be a first timer, or have their family and kids with them, they may not be perfected in the art of trolling, i must remind myself of why i fish and that yes i want to catch that big salmon, but i am privledged to have the opportunity to do what i do and would be happy for anyone to do the same. I was a poor kid who grew up on the east side of Buffalo i had to survive, confronting people on the water is not the proper thing to do, i can agree to disagree, but i don't think there are many fisherman sober or not whom are out to purposely make another fisherman's day miserable. i have to remind myself of this all the time - I'm not perfect, were not perfect. Fish n have fun it's what were born to do ! LIFE is GOOD !!!!!


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