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I would like to second a tipping of the hat to Kevin. A first class event in every way. Drawing the finest hi-caliber anglers on the Great Lakes from over a half dozen states and two countries. The professionalism and respect that is offered from these peers of big water trolling is second to none. When the horn blows to start the day, each team plying the waters of Lake O with a methodical plan and program trying to put it all together when it counts most. Some find "it" , and you all know what that is. Mixed with a little luck of keeping them buttoned on the hook and split second miracle decisions of skills that venture into the "supernatural" brings teams to the winners circle. Congratulations to all top ten finishers and kudos to all those who live for the chance to be the be the best! Be safe and good luck to all, see you next year...

Best regards,

Capt. Tony Sambunjak


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Tournament fee 1000

T shirts and dinner tickets 190

Boat refreshments 100

Net replacement 200

Misc. lost tackle 100

Fishing the WHI with good friends PRICELESS!

I want to thank Kevin and the crew from Wilson on another job well done!

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