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Would like to thank Capt. Rich Hajecki for posting WHI results. Don't know how long it takes to take a picture of results board and post it--IMO the WHI and pro-am think it takes to long as they have never done it--hey Vince how would you like the Rangers to play on Sat. and you get results Monday----Again thanks Rich

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Hello Dolly,

Yankee Troller had the results posted with in a couple of hours after the WHI weigg in...Capt Vince is only a participant in WHI not a committee member.


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Hello Shade-

Am well aware that Capt. Vince was not on committee(was just making a point but I should have said Giants not Rangers)-- Not trying to start anything here, I am 100% behind WHI and Pro-Am(fished in most of them the 1st 10 years)--just would like to see the results(even unofficial) because of my interest in the events--

See you in Olcott as soon as fishing picks back up-


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