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Fair Haven 9/8 & 9/9

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We had a couple of very good days out of Fair Haven over the weekend. Spoons were really hot for us both days. They were steady producers for us all day both days. The Northern King Gold series NBK's in green and yellow were fantastic, and we did very well on an R&R watermelon w/grape dots and a Dreamweaver super-glow froggy, all off the riggers back 15-30' behind our Sharks down 50-70' in 70-125 FOW. The fly bite was spotty. We ran them on the wire divers out 180-210' on a #2 setting. Sometimes we'd get three or four hits on them in a row and then at other times they'd just sit there without a touch for hours. The Green Hypnotist and Blue Dolphin were the flies that worked best for us.

There are lots of fish out there!


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I heard you were out there yesterday Billy. It was pretty lonely out there, I only saw four other boats all day. A buddy and I started out at 100 fow at 7:45 AM sunday and never ventured further than 160. We ran an all dodger/fly rig and went 4 for 4 w/ 3 kings and one steelhead. Our first hookups were a double of kings. Landing them in my 18 footer while getting tossed in those 4' waves was some trick. It was a chineese firedrill. Everything for us came on green 50-65 down on the riggers over 100-120 fow. Green e-chip and green fly and Mtn dew e-chip w/ hammer flies did the trick. We were marking fish throughout the day with the occassional baitfish. It was a good day for us. It was my buddies first time salmon fishing on Lake O and he was impressed but a little concerned as those big swells reared up behind the boat.

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Hope you're not planning on going tonight & tomorrow...the marine forecast is looking pretty scary. Gale force winds, waves 9-12 ft! Better check this out before you leave:

http://weather.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/fmtbltn ... loz044.txt


Glad you got into a few. We really hit them hard on spoons both days. Sounds like your buddy might be hooked for life now! Don't you just love the look on their faces the first time they hook one?

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