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Big Jon Planer line tip.


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Last couple times out, I noticed the bright yellow Big Jon planer line on my masts was starting to show it's age. No "real" wear, but it was a little faded and had gotten a little fuzzy - the fuzzy kept my releases from sliding down easily, making me have to bounce the line a bunch to get my release to slide out near the boards :(

I got to thinking, to make braided fishing line on my warmwater spinning rods last longer, I run it off the reel and swap out ends so that what was once the terminal end now ties to my backing and visa-versa.

Since generally, no more than 1/4 of the braid is ever off the spool, this works great for prolonging the useful life I get from a spool of braid.

I got thinking about that, and realized that I dont generally run my boards more than 50' out on each side and the spools have about 3X what I run out. I swapped out arbor and terminal ends last night - what I found is that I now have about 100' of nice, shiny, slick, board line on each reel, with another 50' of fuzzy line underneath it.

After this outer 50' starts to wear, I can cut off 50' and be good to go for another couple seasons. I don't want to start cutting too soon, as I like the idea that I've got some extra line in reserve.

Just thought I'd share. With the way the ecomnomy and money is these days, if I can save some $$ and help others to do so too, I can feel good about it.

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