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Cayuga 5/16

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Had another good outting on Cayuga this morning - Gorgeous day on the water!! Fished 6:30 - 10:30 out of myers - focused on the cove in front of the salt plant.

Has a serious case of the dropsies today going 4 for 9 - a decent average for a pro ball player but no so good for trout

Same set up as last week 4 flat lines with body baits and 2 lines 40 - 50 back 4 - 8 down on the riggers. The riggers were the hot set ups and the #2 ring around the rosey evil eye was the hot spoon taking 6 of the 9 hits . The rigger hits were bordering on savage

The 4 fish we boated were nice fish a 3ish LL, a 5ish LL, a 7+ LL and a big brown ( see picture) - this is clearly the biggest brown I have taken in Cayuga in 40 years of fishing it. All fish returned , all Lampreys summarily dispatched - and yes there is a major lamprey issue on cayuga

For reference the net in the picture has a 22" wide hoop


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