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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Logic 186




Date(s): May 16/2012

Time on Water:2 hr


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1-2'

Surface Temp:

Location: Off the spit





Total Hits: 1

Total Boated: 1

Species Breakdown: salmon

Hot Lure: Big caramel coloured sppon

Trolling Speed: 2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 150'

Lure Depth: approx. 20-30?




First one of the year.. third of my career... had a downrigger going but decided to throw out some metal line (copper colour so I assume that's what it is). Attached a large spoon and let out 150' and within 15min had a nice 10lb'er or so. I don't really know how deep it was as but my guess is around 20-30'. My fishfinder was marking lots of fish right at the surface but I assume that might just be interference as it was a bit rough. Thanks everyone for posting here I learned a lot over the winter (but still have much more to learn as you can tell)! Cheers and tight lines.

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After fishing lake O for the past five years last year figgured it out.I landed over 100 salmon and rainbow.Its nice to have such a good fishery right in our own back yard.Once you figure it out its there for you.Keep it up and follow bait fish it pays off.

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