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Fishing Report

Chris/ Liv n' Ellie





Time on Water:6-9 AM

Weather/Temp: sunny, 60's

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: flat calm

Surface Temp: 52-54

Location: I-Bay





Total Hits: 6

Total Boated:6

Species Breakdown: all chinook salmon

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.4 Subtroll

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth:




Tried our first trip two weeks ago, but soon after boat launch I lost oil pressure and had to pull boat out after 15 minutes. Turned out to be a defective tension spring in the pressure release valve portion of my oil pump (very odd, but may have always been that way since the factory.) $1200 and two weeks later, we launched today and had a nice day on the water. I've still been blessed to be able to fish with my good buddy Anthony and a couple of times out of Bear Creek with my good bud Jason, but it's been awhile since I could play "captain" on my own boat.

Was able to fish with my brother Kev and we did not have a single mark on my graph but I think it's my fishfinder and not a true indication. Started in 100 fow and fished northeast until we hit a nice scum line at 150 fow and we had good action in the slick for two hours. All kings, all healthy and all released except the one in the pic. Fished the slick both on an east and west troll and both directions produced fish.

Hot lures: NK 42 sec. mag on rigger 65', free slider Stinger "Live" Alewife spoon on same rigger, 500' copper pulling a gator Spinny/Sweet Pea fly, and the rest were on wire 240' #3 pulling a 42 second flasher/fly.

Great action - biggest fish around 20#. Great to be back on the water after my season was shortened last year with a broken arm and ribs.

Thanks for all the great reports gang - I've missed giving a report or two myself!

Good luck and be safe,

- Chris


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Nice Fish Chris.......

Glad your back out as well!! I had a decent day at Ibay earlier this week....playin hookie!

Maybe I will see you at the bay or bear creek.....


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