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Great day at the WHI 2012 Cold Steel

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For the second time in as many years Bob Cinelli was willing to let me use his 31' Tiara the " Hotline" to fish the WHI. Saving myself & my team a bunch of money & wear & tear from running my boat from Oswego & back for the 1 day event. This year there was one catch! Bob's wife Karen had put together a team of her own. They were going to fish the WHI with Capt. Joe aboard the "Irish Thunder" But Joe had a charter on Friday. So the deal was my team would fish aboard a private boat on friday. And I would take the Girls aboard the Hotline for their practice day.

Well we not only had a great day! But I can't start to tell you how much fun it was!! Besides Karen, there was Yankee Rick's girl Melanie, my teammate Casey's girl Emily & Atommik Tom's roomie Steph.

This was a pretty easy job. These girls think putting a fish on the LOC board is child's play! Emily won the summer LOC steelhead last year. Steph & Melanie both had fish on the LOC board this year going into the day. Melanie landed a 26lb+ when we were out, but already had a higher placing Laker on the board. And Karen seemed like a charter captain who would rather rig & lift 14lb kings over the back by hand then fight one herself!

I just wanted to put a tribute & thanks out to the girls for a great day!!!

Capt. Tom


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Ill tell you Tom, even though the girls had a great time with Joe, Steph walks around the house saying, "Well Captain this and Captain that" Even out fishing the last few days all I hear is "There is Captain, here comes Captain" What is with the Captain term?

Steph and I'm sure the other girls had a great time, and Steph wants to do it again !!!

Great job Captain !!! Only you could pull this off and come out smelling like a rose !!


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Tom thats all I hear too with Emily how much fun that had with Capt. Burke. Emily cant wait to do it again as well. Its nice to see females who actually love the sport of fishing and are competitive at it. Hell they beat 52 MALE teams.. Im glad I wasnt one of those teams!!!! lol. Pete lmao Burke is definitely a smooth operator.

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