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Musky guys....what knot do you use with braid???

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What knot does everyone use with braid? I am using just the plain old fishermans knot and after a half hour of casting medium sized (lures 2-3 oz) I notice my tag has shrunk some. I have combatted this by tying a regular knot in the tag so it can't pull through.

I am almost positive this is what lost my hot lure opening weekend, either thatnor a got bit clean off while my line was slack.... I was mid retrieve, gave a tug after a big pause and absolutely nothing there, no tension no bump, nothing.

Anyways, what are your go to knots when using expensive heavy musky lures with braid?


(by the way I use 50 lb power pro super slick 8 or whatever they call it)

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May want to upgrade to 65 or even 80 lb braid, if you're thowing heavy baits. Having a good backlash mid cast and seeing the bait keep going sucks ;(

Also, your comment about a potential bite off leads me to ask, are you using a fluoro leader?

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As far as what happened when I lost that lure I have no clue, neither option seems physically possible but at the same time equally probable.

I have thought about going heavier and probably will pretty soon....I have had the casting off of lures a few times due to that and it's like throwing a $20 bill in the garbage ;(

I do not use a fluoro leader. I know a lot of you guys use them but I have not tried them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of them vs steel vs no leader. I have an idea but would like to hear the pro's opinions!

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advantages: less visible in the water, doesnt kink up after a fish, safe (er) for the fish if it rolls or gets it tangled or wrapped around itself.

As brad said definitely upgrade to minimum 65lbs test, heavier lures put a strain on the line so if not for a 65lbs fish do it for the sake of keeping all these expensive famn baits we all deem so necessary to waste our money on!

As for fluoro, order a spool of 80-130lbs seagur fluoro, get some quality swivels and stay-lock snaps and either crimp your own or tie them using a nail knotter tool (all of this can be ordered the muskyshop.com or muskytackleonline.com) Its pricey at first but I still have my spool of 100 lbs fluoro from last season and havent spent a dime on leader material since so it lasts you a while and in the long run will pay for itself with the money you save from buying cheap steal leaders.

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Great post Mike. The only thing I would add is that braid is very thin and strong, but is horrible when sharp things get on it. If a musky, tiger, or pike get any of the braid near their teeth, it is more than likely going to break off. That is why a leader is so important. :yes:


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