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How would you fish for gar?

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Thanks PF,

The 1st pic is a video, you have to click the picture to see it.

Caught a cpl more over the holiday, my neighbor thought i was full of beans when I said I was using a piece of rope...that is until he came out with me and landed a couple himself.

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WEVE GOT ALOT OF GAR IN. Montezuma....mays pt. ive caught the around fathers day when they are under the dam in some serious numbers and size....4 footers arnt uncommon....toothy lil terds...caught all mine on fathead minnows ...definitly tying up some rope flys now and taking my john boat out there to catch a giant!.....ive seen some surface that were 4+ ft and looked to have the girth equivilent of a softball persay....just could never persuade them to be real aggressive. now ive got some new ammo for the fight~! sweet

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