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Keuka Lake Panfish


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I love it when the 'seeds get bigger than the 'gills :clap: Btw, that fat one on the lower left looks as if he IS a pumpkin!!. I fell in love with fishing when I was about 9 and caught a beautiful 2 inch baby pumpkinseed that had the end of a small worm lodged in it's mouth; not even hooked! It was just so gorgeously colored in the palm of my hand....it was serious heartfelt falling in love. I'd been fishing several times before that for years and had caught bigger fish. But that one little guy, in the afternoon sunlight, with neighborhood/school chums nearby catching spawning perch and 'seeds down on Long Island in fresh water....launched me on a passion I've followed with gusto for the rest of my life!!... Just thought I'd share.... ;)

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Fishing is still hot for 'seeds and "gills on the end of the Penn Yan branch..

Went up yesterday..two boats.. We filleted about 100 nice bluegills and sunnies..

Lots of beds in about 9-10'of water.. Most anything would work, but a 1/32 oz. jighead with a piece of redworm worked well for me..

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