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EVERY Once in a while i like to bring up a old favorite site I used to frequent.

The daily reports ant what they were back in the "Joe" Days ,Him and his wife were like clockwork ..I think them posting daily reports kept them going as long as they did in their passion of sharing "Another Day At The Oak"...

They are missed but had the forsite to post some good basic info on fishing,and life in general..

Their is some good basic and advanced info there..and some good stuff for the head too..

As always we here try to help the new guys get started and work out some issues, But I think all should visit their site for some great info..

Hope this Helps.


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OR..............you can look at all of Ray's posts over the last 106 years and do the exact opposite!!!

I do not mean that the advice is bad, what I mean is take those to techniques to the lake, don't just talk about them from the couch!!!

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hey ifin yer thinking ima gonna geta spell check forget it..yup a lot of stuff can be figured from the couch now a days.about a long time ago i went to every "past year fishing report" for every day of every month of every year that was posted at the time..and i made several charts from water color,temp,spicies ,troll dir,weather,lure or bait used,time of day wind and current direction,fow,depth of lure,,,yes guys i got downright anal about this new to me fishing thing think it was in the late 90's...

Guess ya could say i did things bassackwards i bought a 22 ftr rigged with 4 elect cannons,about 1000 lures rods reels everything a good fisherman needed to be sucessful. Problem was i never fished with riggers once in my life,I never heard of a dypsy rod(3 of them with deal and 30 dyspys) didnt know what GPS stood for let alone see one ..Yup I pretty much lernt myself with the help of this site (At The Oak) maybe 1 or 2 tangles and a couple lost lures and 12 or 13 years later i can Honestly say I have been skunked 2 days out of hundreds if not thousands of days on lake ontario..because of those charts i made many years ago ,,, I still carry them in the boat....

So Joe and Shirly,thanks for your "site" To the Captians Of old,,,, thanks for your post,,,,,And thanks Harold Foltz who was the original owner and set my boat up as it was when I bought it used many years ago...

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