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summer brown trout program?

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Just wondered what you guys like to run for browns. Never really targeted them but have caught a few while salmon fishing. I'd like to try and target them a couple days and get a good one or 2.

Should I run smaller spoons or are standard DW o.k.? I have some DW WD spoons that we run for walleye and some scorpion stingers. Most of what I've read leans toward stickbaits but isn't that primarily a springtime program?

Thanks for all your help. LOU has really helped me boat some good fish over the last couple years.


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Summer brown fishing is great. Generally deeper under normal conditions they can be located oriented to structure often.

consider temperature and structure and fish where they meet.

As far as spoons think bigger. Standard dw or stingrays will match the size of mid summer alewifes

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A few tips.

1) fish where the thermocline intersects with the bottom of the lake. So if the thermocline is 40 feet down search around that area parallel to shore. Fish anywhere from 5 to 20 feet off the bottom.

2) Look for pods of bait in that area. If you don't see much on the screen when running near shore then don't bother.

3) I like to run green spoons in that area Ice, Antifreeze, Watermelons.

4) Run a lead core down the shoot with a Mag green spoon.

5) Run a little faster if you are not taking any hits.

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