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Ever come across this?


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Alpha one, with a 4.3 mercruiser. When I trim the lower unit up (way below the trim limiter position) my motor begins to have a hard time idling?? With lower unit all the way down, idles smooth.

If I trim up a bit, like coming into a dock, the idle starts to chug and wants to stall.

Recent work included new bellows, gimbal, and engine aligment. Had a bit of a vibration, so I took it back and had a marine mechanic re-align it. He said the alignment is bang on.

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Sounds to me like when you're trimming, you're causing an excessive pressure on the shift cable which in return is linked to the throttle control plate? Is there a loose bolt or two or how about a stiff cable. I know it is recommended that when bellows and what nots are done, a shift cable is on the list too...

Just by experience....

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