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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Captain Carl Bish/Salmo salar




Date(s): 6-9-2012

Time on Water: 6:30 - 2:30

Weather/Temp: Rain early turning partly sunny/65-75 degrees

Wind Speed/Direction: 5-15 SW

Waves: <1'

Surface Temp: 56-62

Location: North of Point





Total Hits: 24

Total Boated: 18

Species Breakdown: Steelhead, Cohos, Kings, Brown

Hot Lure: Moonshine Tangerine Tiger

Trolling Speed: 1.9-3.0

Down Speed: 2.4

Boat Depth: 100 - 260

Lure Depth: 15 - 120




June 9

Headed north to 100 fow and began marking fish on the bottom so we decided to set lines and go after them. We hoped that they would jump all over our lures, but this was not the case and we trolled about a mile east before making a slight turn to the north. This turn was just enough to trigger a strike on the 600’ copper and after a 20 minute fight 15 year old Jessica landed a nice mature king. We worked the area over and on our second circle a big Brown Trout hit the same rig on the 600’ copper. While these were both nice fish they hit a full hour apart and a fish an hour was not the action we were looking for so we headed north. Just as we hit 250 fow we began picking up Steelhead on the high rigger and short leadcores, we changed our tactics just a bit and the action became rather consistent with the steelhead and coho taking the standard MOONSHINE Tangerine Tiger on a 3 core, at 29’ and on the 43’ slider. We added a few 2-3 year old kings to the box using the MOONSHINE Little Bruiser and Snack Attack mupped at 66’ a good steady day with lots of fish including several quality specimens.

Hot Lures

(in order as shown in pic left to right)

MOONSHINE Tangerine Tiger -- 28’, 43’ slider, 3 color core

MOONSHINE Little Bruiser -- 66’

MOONSHINE SNACK ATTACK -- mupped over 66’

MOONSHINE PICKLE -- 3 color core (not shown-prototype top secret)

White Glow Flasher/MOONSHINE BLUE SMOOTHIE Fly -- 600’ Copper


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