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Apple Boy 6/9am 6/10am

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Apple Boy




Date(s):6/9am 6/10am

Time on Water:5:45-9:30 5:45-11:00

Weather/Temp:rainy/cloudy Partly Sunny

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves 1ft <1ft

Surface Temp: 62.9

Location:out of Sodus Bay





Total Hits:sat: 9 Sun:12

Total Boated:Sat:6 Sun:9

Species Breakdown:Kings and steelies

Hot Lure: Hawg Wild, Black and silver tuxedo, Green flasher+Green Fly

Trolling Speed: 2.5-2.8

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:90-230

Lure Depth: 25ft-100ft



Saturday: Took some friends out Saturday morning and did really well. Had the first double of the year when a dipsy went off and let connor take that, and the 60 ft rigger started rippin with the hawg wild on it. We lost the fish on the dipsy but got a 12lb king of the rigger. Besides the 1 hit on the dipsy we had all hits on the hawg wild for satuday at 60 ft. We ended up boating 5 kings and 1 steelie!

Sunday: I got my dad out and the day could have not been better for us. We were expecting to get wet but the rain held of and the fishing bite was on!!! :) We boated 2 nice steelies on the 75ft rigger with the black and silver tuxedo right of the bat. It was a little quiet when the wild hawg started rippin again!! After 15 minutes had a nice 19lb king in the boat! Biggest fish so far!! We had a pretty big steelie on, but he headed for canada and lost him! It was a great day out there finishing with a total of 5 kings and 4 steelies.!! Hope the bite stays on!! Good luck!


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