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Check it out. I think the first one was a bit better, but this one was fun to make. So far this year there has been many making their stories, REEL STORIES, the season is yet so young. I am looking forward to this year the most than I have in years past. The Seneca Shootout is one of the biggest things I hope to accomplish. With everyones help we can make this bigger amongst all the lakes in the future. Has anyone else used a gopro program yet? Mine is a bit slow.. Need to find something a bit faster..

Take a peek and let me know what you think of this video guys and gals!!

tight lines!!


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Nick, I have the sony vegas movie studio, all you do is put go pro chip in computer cut and edit video then burn to disk or post online. Its fast and I am stuck with slow internet. I got the program at best buy. Sean

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