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Luke on Quality Time!

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Took my wife and dog out on Cayuga today for 2 hrs. First time for the dog on the boat. He did very well. He always begs for a piece of fish so I thought it was about time he helped me catch them! We did about 8 fish no big ones most in the 3 to 4 pound range. Fish hit super slim spoons in green and white with green dot spinny with Senaca ghost fly. Thermocline starting to set up fish caught were 50 /60 feet down over 70 /130 feet of water in front of AES. Wes


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Wes, Cheryl and I love taking our two labs out with us. One word of wisdom. We screwed our bilge pump last summer due the dog hair that worked it's way down to the bottom on the boat. Now we still use the wash down but we blast the bilge pump and rinse the hair off it.

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