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Canadice Canadice 6/14

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Decided to hit the water by myself. Drove around a few minutes trying to find some bait n marks and saw a some good sized marks 70 down over 8o so i deployed my big balls and sent em deep :lol: at about 6:30. The right was at 65 with a cheater and the left was at 45 down. After setting all my lines I look over to my right rigger and the rod tip is dancing but no release. So i released it and pulled in about a 2 pound lake trout. Perfect eater size so he went into the cooler. For the next half hour had two releases on the deep rigger but with nobody home. The dipsy took off on something big 120 ft back on a 2.5 setting and about 50 ft down. Unfortunately after 20 seconds of strong pullling the line went limp and she was gone. Bit ojn a SD hammertime and blue crush DW fly. From then on it was dead. The two releases and landed fish were on a mixed veggies stinger scorpion and a custom green/glow ladder back sutton 44. The browns are still avoiding me. Next time I hit it its going to be strictly a brown program running the top half of the water column. I Will find them!

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