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Sandy Creek Wed September 19, 2007 PM

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we put in the water around 4pm....after waiting ten minutes for a person to get a jetski on a trailer.... :roll:

You would have thought they were trying to dock the Queen Mary the way they fussed over it..

Anyways, Spent the evening in 12-20 FOW with jplugs, NKs, a SD and hammer fly, and jointed rapalas

Long leads - up to 200 feet on the planar boards and 100+feet on the riggers and shallow trolling around 2.4-2.6mph

My son landed his biggest king ever in 15FOW, NK 28 glow frog 100 feet back and 5 feet down. freaking huge fish...easily 25+ pounds, perhaps close to 30. I'll post a pic of it in the net, we released it without taking it out of the water for very long as it was stressed from the fight. It jumped and fought like crazy and my son had a blast with it.

three good hits on a silver jplug 100 feet back and 5 feet down in 20 FOW, no one home/ lost them fairly quickly.

One very nice fish on a j-11 silver jointed rapala flatlined in 12 FOW 200' back. great fight for about ten minutes including a couple of jumps and rolls on the surface, we lost it :( I reeled in the lure and the salmon's tongue was still attached!!! eeeewh!!!

my son finished the evening with a rainbow, probably 5-6 pounds in 15 fow off a white glow SD and hammer fly on a rigger, 5 feet down.

he is going to sleep well tonight!!


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