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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar




Date(s):June 17

Time on Water: 6am - 2p,

Weather/Temp: warm mostly sunny

Wind Speed/Direction: SW 5-15 mph

Waves: <1'

Surface Temp: 58 - 65

Location: East of Point Breeze





Total Hits: 18

Total Boated:12

Species Breakdown:King, coho, brown, rainbow, lake trout

Hot Lure: Moonshine little Geezer

Trolling Speed: 3

Down Speed: 2.7

Boat Depth: 26 - 160

Lure Depth: 15 - 110




Set up right in front and trolled north to 160', made a turn and trolled back to 60' turned east and fished into 35' in front of glass house, moved out to 140 and zigg zagged between 140 and 100 back to the Point. Worked way too hard for the fish we caught, should of stayed in the 100 - 140 level all morning. The hot lure was the Little Geezer on a 3 color and a high dipsy (40') combining for 6 of our fish. No other lure took more than one fish but I will list them:


200' copper Mag V neck

500' copper Bad Kermit (hit 2x lost mature king 35' behind the boat ;( )

100' dipsy Red Echip agent orange fly

94' Little Bruiser

32' Tangerine Tiger

110' Carbon 14 (mupped)

The inside water (26fow) was 58 on the top and 52 degrees 20' down. Tons of bait in the shallows, I'm thinking that the browns were in even shallower, but I did not go in and check, should have, but didn't. Kings were in the ice water on the bottom between 100 and 110 fow. Besides the one we dropped behind the boat, another bruiser hit the 250 dipsy and broke the leader before we could get the to rod, Gator spinny, carbon 14 fly. Wierd day as most of the fish were in the top or bottom 15 fow. Out of the 18 hits only 4 came in the middle of the water column, and that's counting 32' as in the middle.

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Wow, you caught very well! Hey, I think we waved at each other on Saturday morning, as I was chugging by you guys in the creek on the way out to the lake. I was in the white Tracker. I am pretty sure it was your boat. You looked like you were about to take some clients out. I am sure I will see you more this summer. :yes:

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Hey Carl awesome report bud thank you very much. The detail of your reports is great. Boy sure sounds like you had a good day to me good for you bud. Me and all my buddies will be fishing at the Oak this weekend, leaving the boat home though. I booked a charter back in March with a captain i got to meet over the winter. We all want to go and learn something and try to advance are knowledge. Maybe see you out there this weekend you take care Carl. :yes:

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