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What? I forgot to sign up for the derby? UggH! #$%^*&!!!

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s): 6/18

Time on Water: 6pm-9pm

Weather/Temp: Clear/75

Wind Speed/Direction: Calm

Waves: Calm

Surface Temp: 57-62

Location: Olcott





Total Hits: 5

Total Boated: 4

Species Breakdown: KINGS!!

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed: 3

Down Speed: 2.5

Boat Depth: 250-350

Lure Depth: 150...brrrr...




Well here is a great opportunity for you guys to bust on me a bit....... :D

We had a great night boating 4 nice kings and dropping one thanks to my spectacular netting job...... :lol:

But the real kicker is the 26.5lb king in the picture.....I had not yet signed up for the LOC Derby yet...... :@

Would have been cool to be at the top of the leaderboard for a few days at least....and might have hung in the money for a while.

Sunday morning proved to be great also, we were able to sneak two on the board but they were kicked off today. But we'll be out again in our favorite spot soon and hopefully find a few more of those slobs!


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Yeah Nick she has been great. We have logged over 150 nautical miles trolling this year so far. I am still working on the hardtop and I have a fuel injected motor to go in over the winter.

So many great, great stories and laughs aboard her already!

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