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Jax Report- 6/16-6/17

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Jeremy/Locked Up





Time on Water:630-7


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 35+

Total Boated:25

Species Breakdown:Steelhead, Cohos, Kings, Lake Trout

Hot Lure: Spoons, Stinger Alewife, Copper Confusion, Knockout Uglyfish

Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.2

Down Speed: 2.3-2.6

Boat Depth: 100-220

Lure Depth: 20-50 down




Friday 6-16

Was able to get off of work on Friday to do some pre-fishing for a trip on Saturday. We got on the water around 7-30 and set up a touch east of the chute. After the first hour we finally found steady action on an Easterly Troll. Our most productive water was 120-160 but we did catch fish out to 200. We fished a 6 rod spread consisting of our 3 Traxtech riggers fishing spoons with sliders and fixed cheaters. 2 divers and 1 Leadcore in 3, 5, 10 colors throughout the day. At one point we dumped 4 straight after a few minute battle catching a glimpse of big chrome saying goodbye -- We started turning our catch rate around after that. The Steelhead were pounding a DW glow frog regular fished above a DW Green eyed ghost off a 100 rigger. We ended the day 10-15 with a few kings, mostly steelhead and a couple cohos. Biggest fish being a mid teens king that took a dalmation spinny with a Atommik Hammer on the diver 300 on a 1 setting. The cohos were all 6lbs plus!




Saturday 6-17

Met our group around 6 am hoping to jump in on our productive water and take advantage of the morning bite! Set up with yesterdays spread with the addition of 2 more divers set on a 3 pulling spoons and all 3 sections of leadcore fished off our Otter boards. The morning bite for us was non existent equating to 3-4 short kings. Around 730-8 our day started to change as we noticed the fish higher in the water column. Along with some a lot Deeper! The riggers got pulled up 10-20 feet and we started to dial them in. A decent pick of steelhead off our sliders and high divers, short cores combined for most of our catch that day.

After our last pro-am I got a good lesson on how important fishing Cut Bait can be. It did account for majority of our box in Orleans. I designated one rigger to Meat and sent her down passing over the occasional mark 120-100 down over 160 foot of water. Throughout the morning I sent her down to the floor and back up working the marks--with nothing until around 1030-11 when it got nailed!! After getting the rod out of holder and handing it off I started to hear music coming from the reel. ZZZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ it took off from 120 down over 160 fow to 400 ft straight out, almost half my spool of mono just got dumped in seconds. After that run the fish stopped just throwing the occasional headshake but mostly a doubled over rod with alot of pressure. We fought the fish for close to 30 minutes slowing the boat down without really knowing how big it was. I never say like to say it out loud until I see the fish. After boating a few steelhead in the meantime the Fish got closer and I cleared the corner of the boat out to make room to net. I saw this fish surface and new it was 25+ and long! It sharked around at the back of the boat making dives and ended up falling prey to the net. After it hit the deck we all celebrated the battle coming to a successful end! I weighed it on my scale in the boat and it bottomed out my boga which is 30lbs so I put it on the Berkeley scale and it read 32.05- 32.00.

Thinking it was solid fish but no need to run in we continued out the day catching Steelhead and Coho with no other Sharks! We trolled into 120 to clean fish and grabbed another 3 Steelhead losing one other trolling back to port ending the day 15 for 21.

This Lake never ceases to amaze me when these fish hit the deck. It measured 41 inches and had a 29 inch girth after a few hours in the cooler it hit the scales at Narbys at 31.14 lbs!

Sorry for the pictures, I will get better quality ones up when I receive them from my group.

It looked ridiculous in the cooler with the 6-8 pound steelhead


Heres the shot at Narbys hours later


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went east myself with 2 lost to the wire and 1 hit and run on the wire i was really trying for the big boy and kept everything deep with 99% of the hits on the sliders..finally after going 1/2 way to canada and back we found the motherload in 100 to 120 fow west just past johnsons didnt know the lake was going backwards :@ 0h well It was my first time to the pond this year and i didnt check the modis so its my fault...good for you.....(sat) coulda brought home more lbs of flys than fish...slap

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