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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Capt. Carl Bish/Salmo salar





Time on Water: 6pm - 9pm

Weather/Temp: sunny 84

Wind Speed/Direction: E/NE 5-15 subsiding to 0

Waves: <2'

Surface Temp: 64






Total Hits: 15

Total Boated: 9

Species Breakdown: 4 kings, 2 steelhead, 2 browns, 1 laker

Hot Lure: Moonshine Geezer

Trolling Speed: 3

Down Speed: 2.7

Boat Depth: 50 - 100

Lure Depth: 40




With the fish so close to port, I figured I could get out and get a little practice without wasting much fuel. Called a friend told him to grab his kid & I grabbed mine and my dad and off we went.

Found the lake giving up solid 2 footers out of the north east, but we headed out to 65 fow and set up on an east troll. My good fishin' buddy "Bite me" had a head start on us and had some fish located in 100' off the glass house so we headed that way. He informed me that the fish were hot on his 115' dipsyspulling a MOONSHINE RV Crabface on one side and the MOONSHINE geezer on the other side and at 41 feet ....finally...another boat that spoke the language that I understand!!

We did not hit a fish till we reached the flats and we began to work that area, the lake calmed right down by 7:30 and the fishing went from a fish per pass pick to rods popping like corn in hot oil!!

The best double came with this fish story.... we made an inside turn and the 300' copper Pulling a MOONSHINE Window Carbon began screaming on the port side. I just got the 13 year old Josh settled into fighting the fish as my 12 year old son, Landon was setting the starboard out down with a green geezer tied on to my Penn 550 saltwater spinning outfit, stopping the ball at 38'. He no sooner turned around and that rod doubled over. I handed the small rod to Ted and as I did I noticed a fish swirl off the PORT beam!! I yelled at him to reel fast as I grabbed the port dipsy and tucked it safely under the 12 pound mono leading to the out of control fish that now was off the port BOW!! CHILDREN DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME -- I asked Ted for the rod and with all the grace I could muster climbed on the gunnel and went topside, dipping the rod toward the fish as she blistered across the surface of the lake now off the STARBOARD bow. Not an issue as I was now standing on the bow pulpit, spinning reel in hand fighting the fish off the front as 13 year old Josh fought his screamer of the back!!! I got my fish under control and back around to the port stern handing the rod back to Ted to bring the salmon to net. As the fish hit the floor, I looked up at my son who has a big grin on his face and says, "Guess I picked the right lure for that one, didn't I?" That was worth the trip for me!!!

Other then the lures already mentioned the all of our fish came on Geezers in these locations:

- 3 color

- 47' slider

- 47'

- 115' dispy

- 40' dipsy

Lots of fun in just a few hours!

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Great Report and thanks for the awesome story! :clap: That's all we need for the fish to start hitting and instead of running against the drag and off to the horizon... they hit and run full tilit under the boat and keep going then make a turn. Can wrap the gear into a nice bow... :(

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yup.....i was the boat next to capt carl.....and i witness the musical chair drill up and down the side of the boat,my friend capt jim and i had lots of laughs that night was kinda fun fishing in a little circle waiting for the indians to attack....lost a lot,caught a lot.....what more could you ask for....right capt carl !!!!!!

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