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times two

Dunkirk 9/21

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Had a half day kicking around and the lake was beautiful so....off we

went this morning....

Didn't leave the dock until 8:30, quit at 12:30....did 12/15 on the walleye

anything from 14" throwbacks to one just over 10lbs; plus 2 steelhead.

65 and 70 foot riggers with a dreamweaver glow frog SS and a yeck

watermelon; 1 on a big hatchet watermelon off the 10 color; big slides

175-185 back on 3 on dreamweaver chicken wing; stinger orange glow

frog and black/purple hatchet blade and 1 on the small slide off the boards

orange/copper hatchet, 195 back. Down speed 1.6-1.8; 2.3 on the GPS.

90-105 fow.


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